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Other Stanford Policies

For your convenience and ease of reference, we have posted links to a number of Stanford University policies that are germane to Stanford's Fundamental Standard and Honor Code.

The Office of Community Standards strives to maintain the most current and comprehensive information possible. However, the posting/linking here in no way purports to be completely up-to-date or exhaustive. Please see the Stanford Bulletin and the Student Organization Policiesamong other official university documentsfor comprehensive, current statements of Stanford policy.

University Expectations for Faculty and Staff

Our office is often asked about university expectations for faculty and staff. The Office of Community Standards only investigates and adjudicates potential violations by Stanford students. The following link, however, may be helpful:

  • The University Code of Conduct: a guide to the ethical, professional and legal standards of the university, with guidance on how to uphold these standards.

Use of Computers and Networks

Sexual Violations

Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment

Individual Abuse

Copyrighted Material and File-Sharing Networks

Additional Policies