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Stanford during autumn. Fall leaves. Student on bicycle, student in wheelchair. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Academic Accommodations & the Honor Code

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If the Office of Accessible Education in consultation with the relevant department, determines that a student’s academic accommodation is both reasonable and does not constitute a fundamental alteration of a course, the terms of that accommodation shall not be considered an academic procedure that creates a temptation to violate the Honor Code.

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Upholding the Tenants of the Honor Code

All students, including those with academic accommodations, are expected to uphold to the tenants of the Honor Code, including:

  1. that they will not give or receive aid in examinations; that they will not give or receive unpermitted aid in class work, in the preparation of reports, or in any other work that is to be used by the instructor as the basis of grading;
  2. that they will do their share and take an active part in seeing to it that others as well as themselves uphold the spirit and letter of the Honor Code.
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Faculty and teaching staff implementing complex accommodations and/or who have questions about how the Honor Code applies to a specific academic accommodation are encouraged to consult with the Office of Accessible Education and the Office of Community Standards.

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