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Stanford mausoleum exterior. Credit: YAYImages / Deposit Photos

Remote Learning and the Honor Code: Tips for Students

As the Stanford community adjusts to the new realities created by COVID-19 we recognize the unique challenges created by moving to a university-wide remote teaching and learning environment. To help aid students in adhering to the Honor Code within a remote learning environment, here are some suggestions for making this transition.

Main quad, near the Oval. Credit: YAYImages / Deposit Photos

BCA Guidance for the Remote Teaching and Learning Environment

The following are clarifications from the Board on Conduct Affairs (BCA) on the operation of classes under the Honor Code in the remote teaching and learning environment. The BCA recognizes that this is an evolving situation and will be providing ongoing guidance as the University adapts to these new norms. The BCA believes it is, at all times, important for instructors and students to clearly discuss how assignments and exams will operate, including what is and is not permissible. The BCA remains open to your feedback.

Palo Alto, California - July 15, 2021: The facde of Lane History Corner at Stanford University. Credit: yhelfman / Deposit Photos

Freedom of Speech & the Fundamental Standard

As an institution committed to the exchange of ideas, freedom of speech is core to the mission and academic life of our university.  At its best, freedom of speech is transformative, elevating our caliber of discourse, giving voice to the marginalized, and inviting connection across difference.  At its worst, freedom of speech can become divisive, causing very real hurt to members of our community and harm to the fabric of our campus.  Our campus community is therefore called upon to balance the fundamental freedom of speech with the essential goal of fostering an inclusive campus culture.