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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Faculty & TAs

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Find tips for faculty/teaching assistants, access example honor code statements, and learn more about exams along with the honor code.

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Tips for Faculty & Teaching Assistants

Teaching staff file well over 100 reports of alleged violations of the Honor Code every year. Each case is investigated and, if there is sufficient evidence, forwarded to a Judicial Panel for review and sanctioning. The majority of these cases involve violations such as plagiarism, unpermitted collaboration, revising and resubmitting work, and unpermitted aid. The majority of the students found responsible receive the standard sanction:  a one-quarter suspension from the University and one or more educational components. Most faculty and TAs opt to give such students a "No Pass" or "No Credit" for the assignment or course involved.

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Exams & the Honor Code

Faculty members often ask us questions about how the Honor Code affects the types of exams they may give and what the rules are for administering exams.

Example Honor Code Statements

Examples of Honor Code/Fundamental Standard-related Policy Statements.