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Student Accountability Process

Overview of Judicial Panel Hearings for Responding Student

OCS Processes for Handling Concerns

Most concerns are handled through the judicial process described in the Student Judicial Charter of 1997, but there are other processes that may apply to your situation. You may discuss these when you talk with your Judicial Advisor. 

Process Applies To Key Features
Early Resolution Option (ERO) All cases involving uncontested first-offense Fundamental Standard, Honor Code and policy violations where there is precedent from which to determine a reasonable sanction.


  • Optional process
  • Charges are resolved without a Judicial Panel hearing (hence, process is shorter)
  • Responding student waives right to appeal
  • Responding student must accept responsibility for charges and accept sanction
  • Responding student may return to standard judicial process if s/he changes his/her mind
Restorative Justice (RJ) Circle Fundamental Standard and similar cases in which the harmed party, responding student and Office of Community Standards agree to this resolution model.
  • Dialogue among responding student, harmed party, and other community members led by trained co-facilitators
  • Participants in the RJ Circle determine together the appropriate ways to repair the harm that occurred