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File a Concern

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Anyone may contact the Office of Community Standards to request a consultation about a possible concern. Talking with someone in the Office of Community Standards does not obligate the person to file a concern; investigations do not begin unless and until an official written concern is filed.

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Please Note

It is OCS’s standard practice not to send out formal notifications to students about new concerns during the week before finals, the week of finals, or during term breaks to ensure that students’ academic work is not unduly impacted by the notification, and that they have access to on campus support resources if needed. 

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How to Submit a Concern

Moving Forward With Filing a Concern

The Office of Community Standards is now using online forms for the filing of formal concerns of alleged Honor Code and Fundamental Standard violations. Submission of a form initiates the judicial process. 

Following the entry of basic information on the form, you will upload a letter of concern and any relevant supporting documents. The letter of concern should outline what happened, when and where the incident occurred, who was involved/has direct knowledge of the incident, the student(s) involved, how it came to your attention, and what steps have been taken thus far. If the concern includes information from a person who wants to remain anonymous, please contact the Office of Community Standards at 650.725.2485. Do not enter that person's name on the form or reference information from that person in the letter of concern.

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Should you have any questions about the process or the case, do not hesitate to email us or telephone the Office of Community Standards at 650.725.2485.

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