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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Student Leaders, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins


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Important Links

Responding Students

Here you can learn about filing appeal and community service information as well as access important checklists.

Faculty & TAs

Find tips for faculty/teaching assistants, access example honor code statements, and learn more about exams along with the honor code.

Serving as a Witness

The Student Judicial Charter of 1997 states, "in keeping with the principles set forth in the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard, all parties with knowledge of facts pertaining to a case of alleged student misconduct are expected to cooperate fully with the investigation of the facts of the case and must appear, if requested, at Judicial Panel hearings. 

Judicial Counselor Guidelines

The Student Judicial Charter of 1997, specifies that a responding student or a reporting party have the right “To be given access to a list of impartial and confidential volunteer Judicial Counselors who may be consulted for advice and guidance during judicial procedures.”

About the Board on Conduct Affairs*

The Board on Conduct Affairs (BCA) is a 15-person standing committee composed of Stanford faculty, staff and students (both graduate and undergraduate) that is charged with overseeing judicial affairs including adopting or modifying bylaws specifying policies and procedures, adopting and/or modifying the Student Conduct Penalty Code, and proposing amendments to the Student Judicial Charter of 1997

*Formerly the Board on Judicial Affairs (BJA)

French Bulldog sitting on a campus building hallway Attentive Young Frenchie in front a cloister at Stanford University, California @ yhelfman

Additional Resources

Connect with additional resources curated by the Office of Community Standards (OCS). 

Commencement, 2023. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /