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Stanford Group Accountability Process (SGAP)

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In winter quarter 2022, the Stanford Group Accountability Process (SGAP) replaced the Organization Conduct Board (OCB) as the accountability process for student groups. Facilitated by the Office of Community Standards (OCS), SGAP addresses alleged violations of university policies by student groups, which includes all voluntary student organizations, Row Houses, sports teams (both club and varsity), fraternities, and sororities (“Groups”). 

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The Fundamental Standard

The Fundamental Standard has set the standard of conduct for individual students at Stanford since 1896 and embodies the values and definition of good university citizenship. Violations of university policies also constitute violations of the Fundamental Standard. The Fundamental Standard, as well as all university policies, apply to both individuals and Groups. In the spirit of collective responsibility, Groups bear a certain level of responsibility for the individual actions of their group members when this behavior can be attributed to the Group under the university’s policy on Collective Responsibility. 

Submit a Concern

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The goals of SGAP are to identify problematic conduct and behavioral issues within a Group and to provide a combination of educational and disciplinary sanctions to help the Group self-correct their behavior.

SGAP Policies and Procedures

Facilitated by the Office of Community Standards (OCS), SGAP is the process for addressing alleged violations of university policies by student groups.

SGAP Contact Information

Learn how to submit a concern, connect with us, and how to get involved with the Stanford Group Accountability Process (SGAP). 

OCB Working Group

In February 2020, Dr. Mona Hicks appointed a working group to examine the OCB Policies & Procedures and make recommendations for creating a learning- and student-centered process that also protects student safety and wellbeing and prevents harm to the University community.

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SGAP Support Resources

Support resources available for Group Representatives and Group Members throughout the Stanford Group Accountability Process.

Hazing Education & Prevention

Stanford prohibits hazing activities. Sometimes well-intentioned events include elements of hazing. This page has information about hazing and a tool-kit to help students ensure that any Group events are free from hazing.