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Delay in Degree Conferral To-Do Checklist for Students

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In the quarter that you are eligible to graduate, you must have an active enrollment status, submit a graduation quarter petition and apply to graduate through Axess.

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Graduation / Degree Conferral 

Please note that you must complete all required coursework for your degree, including but not limited to general education requirements, honors theses, major requirements, etc., by the end of the quarter in which you would have been eligible to graduate. You are responsible for providing full, formal documentation to the Office of Community Standards during the quarter you become eligible to graduate.

You will need to apply for graduation/degree conferral during the quarter that you are eligible for your degree to be conferred. For example, if you are scheduled to graduate and have completed all coursework required for that degree during the fall quarter, and the panel specified winter and spring quarters to be the two quarter delay, you would need to enroll in a graduation quarter for that spring quarter, so your degree would be conferred on the conferral spring date.

You must complete the following steps to be eligible for graduation after your delay for degree conferral:

Activate your student status through the following forms:

  • Undergraduates: submit the "Request to Return and Register in Undergraduate Study" form to Academic Advising. This form is due 8-12 weeks prior to the first day of planned enrollment (enrollment in graduate quarter). 
  • Graduate students: submit the “Returning Graduate Student Request to Register” form. 
  • Submit a Graduation Quarter petition to have an enrollment status to graduate. Graduation Quarter incurs a $150 tuition charge, and ASSU and Vaden health insurance fees are also assessed (contact those offices directly to request waivers).
  • Apply to graduate through Axess by the Application to Graduate deadlineAny late applications to graduate are assessed a $50 late fee.
  • International students must contact an Bechtel International Center advisor regarding consequences to their immigration status.