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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

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Responding Students

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Here you can learn about filing appeal and community service information as well as access important checklists.

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 "Diptych" painting by Nathan Oliveira at the Windhover contemplative center. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

How to File an Appeal

A student found responsible by a Judicial Panel for violating the Honor Code, Fundamental Standard, or other university policy may file an appeal under one or more of the following five limited bases of appeal.

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Community Service Information

One type of sanction given to student respondents by Judicial Panels is the imposition of specified hours of community service to be served at an on-campus and/or off-campus organization. Below are examples of organizations that are currently looking for volunteers. Students also have the option of researching and selecting other organizations for their service projects, contingent upon approval by the Office of Community Standards.

 Flowers growing in the Meg Webster Garden. The garden of California native plants located on the east side of the Keck Science Building, has continued to thrive since it's dedication in June 2003. Credit:  Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Checklist for Suspended Students

Please note that a disciplinary suspension is different than an academic suspension. If you have been suspended for academic reasons, please contact Academic Advising.

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Delay in Degree Conferral To-Do Checklist for Students

In the quarter that you are eligible to graduate, you must have an active enrollment status, submit a graduation quarter petition and apply to graduate through Axess.