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Checklist for Suspended Students

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Please note that a disciplinary suspension is different than an academic suspension. If you have been suspended for academic reasons, please contact Academic Advising.

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Amy Blue garden with bridge and fountain in front of the Serra Complex. Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

This is a checklist of suggested tasks students should take care of pre-suspension and post-suspension from Stanford University.

During a term of disciplinary suspension, a student loses all rights and privileges afforded Stanford students in good standing. That means, among other things, that you may not transfer credits earned elsewhere during a suspension to meet Stanford's degree requirements. In addition, you may not live in university housing during a suspension, nor may you participate in any university-sponsored activity during a suspension, whether or not the activity is academic or extra-curricular.

International students who have been suspended must depart the U.S. immediately or potentially transfer to another school. Please make an appointment with an advisor at the Bechtel International Center if there is a possibility of a suspension for more clarification

Preparing to Leave Stanford

The Office of Community Standards will automatically notify the Office of the University Registrar about your suspension. The Office of the University Registrar will discontinue your student status for the quarter(s) of suspension, which will terminate your student services and privileges. Except as provided below regarding Cardinal Care, students who are suspended are not eligible to utilize any university services during their quarter(s) of suspension, nor are they allowed to transfer in units taken elsewhere during the suspension.

  • Contact your academic advisor about your upcoming suspension. If you are undeclared, please contact Academic Advising. If you have declared, please contact your departmental advisor.
  • International students should contact the Bechtel International Center regarding their F1/J1 visa status concerns.
  • File a Termination of Occupancy (TOC) form with Housing Assignment Services at 650.725.2810. Greek house residents should notify their house president and join the Wait List for the returning quarter.  Late fees will be waived only if you were notified of your suspension after the deadline.
  • Clear all bills with the Student Services Center at 650.723.7772, located on the 2nd floor of Tresidder Memorial Union.
  • If you are receiving Financial Aid, contact the Student Services Center at 650.723.7772, on the 2nd floor of Tresidder Memorial Union.
  • If you are covered under Stanford Cardinal Care health insurance you will remain enrolled in Cardinal Care through August 31 of the academic year in which your suspension took place and you cannot opt out of Cardinal Care.  Please note that access to Cardinal Care will be at the Tier 2 level.  If you have questions on how to access your Cardinal Care benefits while on suspension, call Vaden Health Center's Health Insurance and Referral Office at 650.723.2135.

Conditional Suspensions

In order to return from a conditional suspension, you must appear before a Reinstatement Panel. Petitions for reinstatement must be submitted to the Office of Community Standards no later than the end of the first week of classes of the quarter prior to the student’s proposed return. Questions regarding the criteria established by the original Judicial Panel should be directed to the Judicial Advisor.

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Preparing to Return to Stanford

Please note that during a quarter of suspension you will not be able to use Stanford's online student information system AXESS. You will therefore need to file paper applications for services such as housing, financial aid, and the like. For more information, visit the appropriate Stanford sites (Office of the University RegistrarAcademic AdvisingStudent HousingFinancial Aid, etc). The reinstatement process begins on the first day of finals of the quarter of suspension.

Steps to Take

  • Contact your academic advisor in preparation for your return to Stanford. If you are undeclared please contact Academic Advising. If you have declared, contact your departmental advisor.
  • International students should contact the Bechtel International Center two to three months before returning to the United States.
    • Students whose suspension was for only one quarter will not be required to obtain new visa documents.
    • International students who are outside the U.S. for more than 5 months must apply for a new I-20/ DS-2019, pay the SEVIS fee, and obtain a new visa. Find more information.
    • International graduate students who are receiving assistantships or fellowships should present new visa documents to payroll for I-9 purposes, to avoid delays in future departmental funding.
  • If you are planning to live on campus, contact Housing Assignment Services at 650.725.2810 prior to the quarter that you plan to return to get on the waiting list and meet all deadlines related to inclusion in the on-campus housing draw. Deadlines and related information are listed on their website.
  • If you are planning to live off campus, contact Community Housing Services (which maintains listings of private rooms, houses, and apartments in surrounding communities) at 650.723.3906.
  • To pay tuition and other student fees, contact the Student Services Center at 650.723.7772, on the 2nd floor of Tresidder Memorial Union.
  • To resume financial aid disbursements, if applicable, contact Student Services Center at 650.723.7772, on the 2nd floor of Tresidder Memorial Union. If the Student Services Center cannot process your application while the hold is in place, please ask them to verify with the Office of Community Standards the date your hold will be lifted.
  • If you previously waived Cardinal Care health insurance for the plan year for which you served a suspension  (i.e. you were covered by an outside health insurance carrier) and will lose your health insurance coverage upon your return to Stanford, this could be considered a qualifying life event that allows for re-enrollment in Cardinal Care outside of the annual enrollment window.  If you believe this applies to you and you would like to enroll in Cardinal Care, contact Vaden Health Center's Insurance Office at 650.723.2135.