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Policies and Guidance

"There is only one true failure for you and that is not to be true to the best you know."
-Jane Stanford

The Stanford community strives to create meaningful change both on campus and in the world. A commitment to integrity permeates all aspects of campus life, and the Office of Community Standards (OCS) supports this mission by upholding two of Stanford's foundational principles: the Fundamental Standard and the Honor Code. Together, these standards articulate the values that unite us and outline the responsibilities that attend the great privilege of being at Stanford. Every member of the Stanford community plays an integral role in espousing these ideals and sustaining our culture of excellence.

Cardinal Rules

Your role in upholding the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard

  • Promote a culture of personal integrity and academic honesty through your daily actions

  • Speak up if you're unsure whether or not conduct would violate these principles

  • Hold yourself and others accountable to these community values

Examples of Violations


Fundamental Standard

  • Physical assault

  • Property damage or theft

  • Forgery or misrepresentation

  • Driving while under the influence

  • Violation of University policy


Honor Code

  • Plagiarism

  • Unpermitted collaboration

  • Representing another's work as your own

  • Giving or receiving unpermitted aid

  • Submitting the same assignment twice